Adam Wardle: Drawings
  • Adam Wardle: Drawings, Monday 20th April to Friday 1st May

    “Thank you for taking an interest in my pictures!

    I am Adam Wardle from Fareham, Hampshire. My greatest love is drawing animals and landscapes. Although they seem two very different subjects, I think that it is like getting back to nature. Animals are natural, innocent and pure. The sea, beaches and landscapes to me are also natural, innocent and pure.

    Ironically however I also love drawing New York City, which is obviously not one of the most natural places on earth. I have not been to the city for several years, but loved the intensity of the city.

    Most of the pictures on display today are prints. The originals are mostly ink drawings with coloured pencils, but I have also recently begun oil painting.

    For more pictures and information about me (or to purchase a picture), please visit my website More pictures will be added to my website over time. Alternatively feel free to contact me on”

    Two pigs drawing AJWardle Fareham rabbits drawing AJWardle Fareham