Chef Dan’s Cookery School
  • Kids Party Menu

    Kids Party Menu

    Saturday 19th January, 9.15am - 12.15pm, £20

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  • Vegan Dinner Party

    Vegan Dinner Party

    Saturday 16th February, 9.15am - 12.15pm, £20

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  • Italian Themed Dinner Party

    Italian Themed Dinner Party

    Saturday 16th March, 9.15am – 12.15pm, £20

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  • Get Ready For Easter

    Get Ready For Easter

    Saturday 20th April, 9.15am – 12.15pm, £20

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  • Vegetarian Dinner Party

    Vegetarian Dinner Party

    Saturday 18th May, 9.15am – 12.15pm, £20

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  • Fabulous Gluten Free Risottos

    Fabulous Gluten Free Risottos

    Saturday 15th June, 9.15am – 12.15pm, £20

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  • About Chef Dan’s Cookery School

    Chef Dan’s Cookery School provides a range of more detailed workshops on specific types of cooking. Take a delicious meal home from each class, with all ingredients included in the price. Whether you are a novice chef wanting to learn some new techniques or a more seasoned cook wanting to expand your recipe repertoire there is something for everyone at Chef Dan’s Cookery School. Chef Dan has a been a professional chef for many years and is the head chef here at Wildern School, so you can be sure of discovering some handy tips and tricks of the trade to employ in your own cooking.

    To book any of Chef Dan’s Cookery School sessions please call us on 01489 779471