Choir Musical Days
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    20th February – Rodgers & Hammerstein
    18th June – Modern Musicals

    12pm – 5pm
    £7 per singer
    £10 per singer with lunch provided

    Following on from last year’s successful choir events, which focused on the music of the Rat Pack and a celebration of music from the James Bond films, the d.@rt’s choral days are returning in 2016. These choir days are a great opportunity to learn and perform some great songs arranged in two-part harmony, as part of a large community ensemble. This year’s sessions are all about the wonderful world of musicals, with Saturday the 20th of February dedicated to the classics of Rodgers and Hammerstein and Saturday the 18th of June focusing on more modern musicals. Each day will be spent learning your parts with experienced local choir leaders Sarah-Louise Ellard and Joe Nurse, and end with a small informal concert to show your family and friends what you’ve been up to.
    The days run from 12pm until 5pm and cost £7 per singer, or £10 with a lunch provided.

    Whether you are an experienced singer or a total beginner you are more than welcome, so head to the d.@rt Centre choir days to experience the joy of choral singing for yourself.

    To book your place, call us on 01489779471 or email