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    Dramaboat taster sessions in June and July 2017, d.@rt Centre, Southampton.

    Auditorium 2, D@rt centre, Wildern School, Wildern Lane, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 4EJ.

    Website: http://thedart.co.uk/

    Email: community@wildern.hants.sch.uk

    Tel: 01489 779 471



    The Dramaboat  – Self-Discovery and Personal Development through Drama, Arts and Creativity -is launching some initial taster sessions run by Marta Paglioni for you to have a sense of what Drama and creative expression can do for you and your personal development!

    The main programme will start in September 2017 (with dates to be confirmed) in the D@rt centre  and will be divided into different workshops to be attended once per week.

    It will be possible to access each workshop as an independent experience or as a part of a continued group journey where each part will be like a module of a whole larger experience, each consequential to the other, each part of a laddering process, which will build up until the final summer module: The Journey of your own Heroic Self.

    As  already mentioned, the group, the very dimension of a community of people is central to this work.

    If you attend just one or two workshops you will appreciate how the connection you will establish with fellow human beings will be central to your process. If you decide to attend on a longer term, you will benefit so much from establishing new human connections at a much deeper level than the one the everyday busy life we live allows us to do…than you can even imagine!

    The first “Return to Play” Taster sessions represent a way for you to get in the spirit of Dramaboat and to get a sense of how it is for you to use Drama and creative expressive techniques to have fun, explore and free your inner self, develop awareness, challenge your limits and express your full potential. Techniques and tools may vary, but they will possibly entail: body movement, storytelling, improvisations, dramatic enactments, guided fantasies, creative writing, drawing, painting, use of clay and other materials.

    You don’t need to have any theatre or artistic background to participate. You only need to be + 18 years old and be willing to explore and express yourself!





    6th 7-9 pm

    13th 7-9 pm

    20th 7-9 pm

    27th 7-9 pm



    You can book and attend each session singularly, or decide from the beginning that you want to try out the whole 6 sessions package, in which case it will be possibile to arrange a discount.

    The cost of a single session is: £10.00 for your first trial session and £20.00 for each following one.



    Please, contact the Dramaboat through D@rt centre (community@wildern.hants.sch.uk, or: 01489 779 471) or visit Dramaboat facebook page: fb.me/Dramaboat and write a private message at m.me/Dramaboat.

    You will be able to book your sessions paying the fee through bank transfer until 2 days before the date.



    If any question or doubt should arise, please write  at m.me/Dramaboat.



    Places are limited, Dramaboat accepts a maximum of 10 people per session in order to allow enough space, time and attention to the work of each single participant.

    You don’t need to bring anything as all the material you might need will be provided. It is recommended to wear loose/comfortable clothes as we will be also moving and be using the body.


    About the tutor: Marta Paglioni and her ethos.


    Self-Discovery and Personal Development through Drama, Arts and Creativity.


    fb.me/Dramaboat  messages on: m.me/Dramaboat.


    “My Dears, you have to remember that theatre is not just a factory of scenographies, it is also a factory of human souls…”

    Konstantin Stanislavskij.


    Since I moved to a new home facing the water in the south coast of England, I often find myself reflecting through metaphors involving sea and navigation.

    As many of us, I feel I went through many endings and subsequent new beginnings in my life.

    I personally had to navigate  through powerful  storms each time before landing to a new place.

    A place where a new, hardly achieved harmony and peace was possible. That was the good part. The “bad” part was that it was temporary Each time the wind starts to blow again and sometimes a new storm arrives. At that point you don’t have many choices if not raising your sail again and navigate into the open sea. Sailors know that if one tries to stay moored during the storm, one will end up against the cliffs. When there is no choice, you need to pull yourself together and face the unknown, open ocean. You need to navigate in order to reach a new mooring, a, new land. How many times have you felt like this, but maybe feeling that you didn’t know how to hold the steering wheel and have a safe trip? If you don’t know the boat, how can you guide it safely through the storm? How can you land to a new place?

    After many years of experience as an Actress, Drama Coach, Theatre Practitioner and finally, Dramatherapist, I came to the conclusion that Life is a creative performance. I strongly believe that. The process of living a good life resembles the one of becoming a good artist. Because we are all artists. Human beings are artists. We are creators, All of us. We try, we rehearse, we improvise, we face conflicts, we struggle, we search for inspiration, and then we create meaning, we create beauty.

    This is the reason why I believe that artistic explorations and expression can powerfully change your life.




    I am Marta Paglioni, a qualified Dramatherapist,  an Actress, Theatre practitioner, Drama Coach and Theatre Director with more than 15 years of experience on stage and in the field of applied theatre.  I have been leading creative expressive workshops using Drama and Arts as tools of self-knowledge and self-Development for different client groups for a long time in Italy before coming to England.

    I have been working in partnerships with theatres, universities and other institutions as well as running my private practice in the amazing Teatro Betti in Rome (to see my complete CV click here https://www.linkedin.com/in/marta-paglioni-77876587/).


    I love working as a Dramatherapist in mental health, but I also love working with people who don’t necessary want to have therapy, rather they are in search of a space where they can explore and express themselves at a deeper level using creative expressive tools and techniques such as body movement, improvisation, dramatic enactment, creative writing, drawings, paintings, use of clay and other materials, going on a journey of self-discovery and change, together with other people who are doing the same.


    I put the group dimension at the core of my practice. I firmly believe that nobody can really get to know themselves in isolation. Like in a mirror game we need each other to see ourselves. We need each other to unlock potentials, we need each other to move on and change, or even just to be. To fully be.

    My approach is experiential, holistic, embodied and person-centred. My workshops are safe spaces where judgment is banned.

    I run both weekly and monthly workshops and what I offer through them is not therapy, rather is the chance to get to know yourself better and to discover what might be possibly blocking the expression of your full potential as a human being. Some  powerful insights might arise if you come with an open attitude and the willing to push yourself a bit out of your usual “comfort zone”.