SoundWaves Exploration Day Photographs

SoundWaves Exploration Day Photographs, Monday 9th March to Thursday 2nd April 2015

The Exploration Day – which took place towards the start of the SoundWaves project – was a chance to investigate the sights and sounds of Hythe Marina, and to collect images that would act as a stimulus for the compositions that were subsequently developed.

The photographs exhibited here represent just some of the pool of images created on that day by students and adults from the Core Project, Wildern School Enrichment Group and Priestlands School.

Photographs by:

Lucy Blaxill, Venus Bright, Max Danbury, Amelia Gritt, Tayla Hooper, Ella Hennessy, Fraser Hine, Tyler Marquer, Cameron Mitchell, Niamh Moloney, Jordan-Leigh Shawyer, Brett Whittle, Enrico Dunivicher, Callum Esfandiari, Will Purdey, Ben Sealey, Matthew Thomson, Phoebe Hall, Chloe Headland, Jon Westgate, Cathy Squires, Lynette Jeevan, Joy Schreiber, Gordon Schreiber, Tim Inkson, Val Barwell, Jenny Tuttle, Sandy Devlin, Val Barwell, Emma Sanders, Emma Plane, Samuel Frost, Samuel Rowe, Lana Sellars, Megan Maffey, Grace Connor, Alexandra Shepherd, Liberty Garner, Alex Aju, Isabella Grogan, Amy Jordan, James Perry, Annabel Warner, Chloe Pearson, Louis George, Amy Ross, Emma Crowley, Jessica Scott, Alesia Snelgrove, Persis Hixon, Pasha Patel, Georgia Knight, Natalie Brown, Rosie Railton, Joshua Carter, Alex Constantine-Smith, Louis Floyd, Harrison Gough, Jack Graham, Harry Law, Peter Marsh, Mihail-Eduard Pahontu, Edward Sprakes, Jasmin Summers, Sophie Walker-Leake, Lucy Witt, Rosie Nelson, Joanna Goldsmith, Connor Hodkin, Eduard Pahontu, Callum Fawkes.

Joy Schreiber Tyler Cathy Squiresunknown