The Mandala Journey by Maxine Hutton

” I have been involved in the creative arts for many years, and have recently found myself on a new journey through spiritual mandalas, which are based on ancient healing tools used for meditation. They are based on sacred geometry, and can commonly be found in connection with many religions, as well as in nature.

Each of my paintings are uniquely and intuitively designed, geometrically hand drawn and painted. Using a variety of strong colours, which is an important aspect of my work, I also include element of gold or silver, with complimentary small gemstones or trinkets.

Following my graduation in Graphic Design in 1991, Creative Embroidery and Textiles, C&G level 3 in 2004, and a C&G level 3 Interior Design in 2013, I have found these courses have enabled me to develop my abilities, to apply to my current paintings, from design through to the drawing and finishing stages.

The initial spark for my mandala artwork, came when I visited The Mind, Body and Spirit festival in Brighton in 2013. I observed the work of two exhibitors, and began working on my own designs spontaneously in January 2014. My first painting was accepted at the Open Artists Show at The Gosport Gallery in 2014. I began painting mandalas for family and friends, applying colours intuitively  to the designs, for individuals.

Today, I am continually inspired and enthused, which allows me to create and evolve new and exciting mandala designs, which repeatedly motivate and surprise me. “