Youth Triple Threat Theatre Company (YTTT)
  • If your child likes to be a triple threat, enjoying singing, dancing and acting, why not enrol him or her as a member of the Youth Triple Threat Theatre Company.

    YTTT is open to children aged between 4 and 11 years old.

    Meeting every Thursday in term time from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at the d.@rt, your child will have the opportunity to work with a dedicated and talented team of tutors Suzanna, Jayne and Becky, towards an end of year performance in a professional space.

    Places are limited, and all payments must be paid for on enrolment.   Call the d@rt Centre on 01489 779471 for an enrolment form or click here 

    These classes involve all aspects of the performing arts, incorporating dance, drama and music into fun and eclectic sessions

    Sessions run between 4.30pm and 5.30pm on each Thursday during term time.

    Registers will be taken in the classroom for all sessions.

    Please note that enrolment forms must be completed when payment is made so we can keep up to date with any changes in contact details and medical information.

    YTTT Autumn Term 2017

    September 7th to October 19th

    £24.50 per half term

    YTTT Autumn 2 2017

    November 2nd  to December 21st

    £28 per half term

    YTTT Spring Term 1

    Jan 11th to 8th Feb

    £17.50 per half term

    YTTT Spring Term 2

    22nd Feb to 29th March

    £21 per half term

    YTTT Summer Term 1

    19th April to 24th May

    £21 per half term

    YTTT Summer Term 2

    7th June to 19th July

    £24.50 per half term

    Single classes £4 per session.



    Places can be booked by calling the d.@rt Centre on 01489 779471